Registration for the next school year (2022/23)

The 22-23 school year has already started, but there are final few places left. call now for details.

For details and registration: Nissim Lugassi – School Principal 055-6610752
Roni – Office 077-2345719 maqamat.musicschool@gmail.com

Latest Maqamat News

Ministry of Culture Recognition
Maqamat school was received the official recognition as a professional music school from the Israeli ministry of culture. This means we are government supported throughout the year and that our students can now apply for various scholarships offered in Israel.

Maqamat joins the Israeli stall in Womex 22
WOMEX is the most international and culturally diverse music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and showcase concerts. In October of ’22 Maqamat joined the Israeli delegation, becoming the first music school to be represented in the event. On Friday evening, during the conference, the Maqamat team hosted a musical “Kabbalat Shabat” (welcoming of the sabbath) in the stall which had gathered people from around the world in song and prayer. Many exciting new connections were made, and new collaborations will undoubtedly soon be announced.

Maqamat in Morocco
In the end of October of ’22 a delegation comprised of teachers, students and alumni of Maqamat was invited to perform in the Atlantian Andalousien Festival in Essaouira Morocco.


Graduates Recitals 9-11.8
Final performances of third-year students graduating this year are held in the khan in the evening.
Every year there are several performance evenings that constitute the graduation project of third year students. Each student puts on a half-hour performance that is a summary of his artistic path in Maqamat, which he conducts musically. The show is attended by his classmates and guest musicians of his choice. As a whole, the recital performances are very stylistically and artistically diverse evenings, with each student choosing to perform a repertoire from traditions close to his heart, in new arrangements and orchestras as well as original works. The work on the recital is accompanied by a member of Maqamat’s teaching staff – veteran musician Yair Dalal.

Menashe Forests Festival – Performance Maqamat Ensemble 17.8
The Menashe Forests Festival is a multi-participant artistic event, which takes place since 2009 every year in early summer in the Ramat Menashe area. This is one of the largest independent music events in Israel and over the years artists such as: Ehud Banai, Eviatar Banai, Rami Fortis, Geva Alon, Eran Tzur, Assaf Amdursky and many others have performed there. The festival defines itself as a multidisciplinary event, although most of its performances are by indie music ensembles, there are also dance, theater, circus, outdoor performances, singing and various workshops.
(Details about Maqamat’s performance at the festival – below)

Arabesque Festival – Performance Ensemble Maqamat 24.8
Arabesque is a festival of classical and Andalusian Arabic music.
From the site of Old Acre: The Arabesque Festival miraculously elevates authentic Mediterranean music. The music that will be played at the festival is music that many residents grew up on. The sounds of Darbuka alongside the oud, played the glorious culture of the Arab-Arab countries living within us. Oriental music has undergone many incarnations and changes over the years, so that today every person, regardless of their origin, recognizes it and its value and enjoys it. “Music surpasses all noise,” said French poet Theophile Gauthier, and indeed the Arabesque Festival illustrates the power of music to connect nations, religions, peoples.
(Details about Maqamat’s performance at the festival – below)