School of Eastern Music

The world’s first professional conservatory to all Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and Eastern musical styles that are based on the different systems of the Maqam. The main traditions taught at Maqamat are: Classical Persian, Arabic, Ottoman-Turkish music, North African music (sometimes called Maghrebi), different Jewish traditions’ music, alongside contemporary Mediterranean music. With all of the above, our students are offered an integrated curriculum that includes the richest diversity of Maqam-based musical traditions and styles.

About Maqamat Music Center and School of Eastern Music

'Maqamat School of Eastern Music', the school which is the very heart of our activity, offers an extensive academic curriculum taught by the best teachers in the field of classical Middle Eastern and contemporary Eastern music in Israel. The School’s education programs are designed to provide students with the very foundations they need in order to become professional and profound performing musicians in every aspect.

'Maqamat Music Center' is our home base, and serves as a platform to promote and support classical, sacred, and folk music from throughout the Middle East, including Israeli world music.  It hosts concerts, workshops, master-classes and public events, and offers the music school's student other possibilities of enhancing their learning experience at Maqamat.  The center operates from the 'Khan of the White Donkey', a beautiful and ancient restored stone building located in Safed’s magical Artists' Quarter.


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Heads of departments

  • Headmaster & Singing Nissim Lugasi
  • Arabic Music Wassim Odeh
  • North-African & Andalusian Music Elad Levy
  • Percussion Yshai Afterman
  • Jewish Piyyut, Kemanche Yagel Haroush
  • Composition Yair Dalal
  • Persian Music Eitan Refua
  • Turkish Music Harel Shachal
Full list of teachers

Segal from Kammat

Full list of teachers

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