About Maqamat School of Eastern Music

We are the world’s first institution that serves as home for music of all Oriental cultures and a school of the highest teaching quality, with the best and leading musicians.

The school’s name is related to the musical language of the Maqam system – the musical framework that is the basis for all the musical cultures of the Middle East.

The full curriculum comprises a 3-year course of 4 days (16-21 hours) of weekly studies (Sun-Wed). Options for study tracks of 2 or 3 days per week are also available. We also offer a preparatory course of 5 hours per week which can lead to admission to the full program or can be taken on its own as an introduction to the music of the Maqam for less advanced students.

Being a multicultural region and a bridge between cultural and spiritual traditions over millennia, Israel is currently a hub of new and original encounters between various Oriental musical styles. Adopting a professional, respectful, and integrated approach, we help our students become acquainted with this musical diversity – classical Persian, Arab, and Turkish-Ottoman music, music from the Caucasus and Central Asia, Jewish tribes’ musical traditions, and music from the North African Maghreb.

Our full 3-year course will make you proficient in musical theory, Solfège, composition, orchestration, music production, orchestral performance, eastern singing (solo and chorus.)  The course includes private lessons in Middle Eastern instruments such as Persian tar, kamanche, oud, ney, qanun, Turkish clarinet, violin, baglama and bouzouki; voice; and percussion instruments such as darbuka, rik, zarb, and daf.

The whole group of students studies together in each class. Each student also specializes in the instrument of his or her choice, attending weekly private classes. The curriculum is further enriched with workshops and master-classes with local and international masters.

This extensive curriculum was designed to provide students with the foundations they need to become professional and profound performing musicians in every aspect.

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About Maqamat music center