Extension learning program

In addition to the core academic curriculum for matriculating students the Maqamat Academy, under the aegis of the Maqamat Music Center, also offers extension learning programs open to musicians and the music-loving public — including workshops, master classes and courses.

This year Maqamat opens its gates to music lovers and amateur musicians with a 6-month ensemble/workshop course “Beginning Maqam Ensemble” meeting 1 evening a week. The course will expose students to the basics of music from the East and to taste its various forms by learning and playing pieces from different musical traditions. The course includes sections in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Moroccan and Greek music and Percussion, and will be taught by expert teachers from the Maqamat Academy and outside guest teachers..

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to realize their love and curiosity of music from the East and to participate in playing with others. No prior musical experience is necessary other than ability to play an instrument. Any instrument is suitable for the course — either Eastern ethnic or Western — as well as vocal and percussion. It is open to all ages.

The course begins on 12.12.17 and will include 17 weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 16:30 – 19:00
16:30 – 17:15 – Foundations of the Maqam
17:30 – 19:00 – Ensemble

Please contact the Academy office at 077-2345719 for further details and prices.

** This year the professional Mechina (Preparation Year) program will not take place. You are invited to register for the External Studies Program course “Beginning Maqam Ensemble”.

Preparation Year Program

In the Preparation Year program students are exposed to the scales (maqams) and musical instruments of Eastern musical cultures as well as to the musical forms unique to these cultures.
During the course the students will learn basic musical theory, note reading, basic understanding of rhythms and sight-singing (solfege).
Students who complete the requirements of the preparatory program (tests, performance and proficiency on musical instruments from the East) will be prepared to apply for admission to the full academic track of the academy for the next school year.  In addition, during the academic year of the Preparation course we will also touch on subjects such as:
– History of the development of music in the East.
– The place of music in these cultures.
– Introduction to prominent artists and composers, guided listening and more.

The Preparation program will take place one day per week for 5 academic hours.  Depending on enrollment there may be two sessions of the Preparation course in the morning or evening hours.

For full details: Nissim Lugasi (Pedagogic Coordinator) – 055-6610752